Colorado: Renewals for Residents Aged 66 and Above now Fully Open

Coloradans who are 66 years and above now have lifetime ability to renew their driver's licenses or ID cards online. This follows the implementation of the Seniors Act (HB21-1139).

The new law has also come with a few changes as far as the process of renewing driver's licenses online is concerned. Coloradans who are 21 years old and below 80 years are now required to attest that they underwent an eye examination at least one year before renewing their driving licenses online. The law previously required that one attests to having had an eye examination within the past three years.

Besides, residents in Colorado who are 80 years and above and would like to renew their driving licenses will be required to get a signed statement (DR 2402) from an ophthalmologist or optometrist confirming that the individual seeking to renew the driver's license undertook an eye examination within the past six months. The statement must also be uploaded during the online renewal process.

Before the closure of public offices under the emergency order from the governor’s office, the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) introduced online renewals for residents who are 65 years and above on March 10, 2020. Over 136,000 seniors in the State of Colorado have renewed their IDs or licenses online since March 2020.

By allowing individuals to continue renewing their driving licenses and IDs online, the Department of Motor Vehicle has been able to serve thousands of residents without them having to physically visit the office like before.

Anyone who has concerns or questions regarding the ability of their senior family member to drive should contact the department through [email protected] for more clarification.

Additionally, the new law gives a chance for more individuals to sign a permit holder’s drive logs. The permit holder’s drive logs can now be signed by a guardian, parent or any responsible adults under the new guidelines. Requirements for drive time logs differ based on the age of the permit holder.

The new law also eliminates the earlier provision that required the person who signed a permit holder’s affidavit to be the same person who signs the permit holder’s driving logs.

The DMV has pledged to expand online services in a bid to bring its services closer to Coloradans. Part of the expansion efforts includes encouraging seniors to renew their driver's licenses online.

The department has promised to continue expanding its services and encourage all residents to save time by embracing DMV online services.

by admin on April 29, 2022