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California DMV Services Available 24/7 with Kiosk in San Francisco Post Office

New 24/7 DMV Kiosk at 1300 Evans Ave, San Francisco, CA 94188
The California Department of Motor Vehicles is always looking for ways to make life easier for customers. With that in mind, they've set up a new kiosk service in partnership with UPS. The kiosk allows consumers to do ten specific things without the need to visit a San Francisco DVM office. Located in the San Francisco post office, the is one of one of several DMV kiosks in California cities including Oakland, Los Angeles and Sacramento. The kiosk takes both credit and debit cards as well as cash.

Useful Services

People can use the kiosk for many important and useful tasks related to their vehicle. For example, they can finish renewing their registration. They can also file for planned nonoperation status and submit an affidavit of non-use as well as removing this affidavit at the kiosk. Kiosk users can also pay a vehicle registration suspension reinstatement fee. The kiosk lets users submit proof of insurance when requested by the Vehicle Insurance Program. California residents can also receive their driver's record as well as their vehicle's record. Residents can also use the kiosk to get a replacement registration card or a sticker.

Some Limitations

While the kiosks are extremely useful, it is important to remember there are certain activities you can't do with them. Before you stop by the post office, keep in mind the kiosk is not meant to serve as a full DVM office. At the DMV NOW kiosk you can't renew a driver’s license. You also can't renew any California identification card. Users are also unable to renew certain vehicle types. They can't renew vessel registration. That's because the vessel is issued different stickers that are not available through DMV Now. The kiosk also can't accept any proof of insurance for your plans for registration renewal. Users also can't use the kiosk to accept proof of insurance for registration renewal or to process a change of address.

Finding a Kiosk

Finding a California DMV kiosk is easier than ever. This convenient online link means all users can see which kiosk is located near them. There are 365 kiosks in operation right now. They are located in many places including post offices as well as malls and retail spaces. The new kiosks mean that users no longer need to cope with long lines or take time off to visit a DMV office during their busy workday in order to get certain things done. That also means speedier service and easier access to certain documentation. If you additional questions, it's best to contact your local California DMV office. DMV officials can answer any specific concerns you might have before using a local kiosk.  
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