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Arizona's License and ID Cards to Sport a Refreshed Appearance

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The Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) will release new driver licenses and ID cards this March. The new fresh design has multiple security features to deter fraudulent use and forged reproductions.

Due to the rise of attempted forged reproductions and personal information security concerns, law enforcement agencies strive to improve the card's security. The card's enhanced security features help prevent these fake attempts from succeeding.

The refreshed design includes various Arizona features and is a product of MVD's new contract with Thales Group. Thales Group was chosen as the new vendor through a procurement process, owing to their ability to incorporate cutting-edge security features on driver's licenses and ID cards.

What Are the New Features of This Card?

  • The material used in designing the card is 100% polycarbonate, comprising several layers of plastic combined without using adhesives. This design leads to a solid structure that is hard to meddle with. Thanks to this material, the card is highly durable and flaunts the longest lifespan of any card.
  • Another security feature is the "Secure Surface," which includes a marginally raised surface on a card section. This feature imparts a subtle sensation and allows law enforcement and other officials to verify the card's authenticity. It also helps minimize the chances of tampering or producing fraudulent cards.
  • "Dynaprint" is a security feature comprising two high-resolution images visible based on the card's angle. This feature serves as the main verifier for front-line personnel, ensuring the card is authentic and providing security against replicating or reproducing attempts.
  • It has a black-and-white picture and laser-engraved information.
  • The card's Saguaro cactus and ponderosa pine tree pictures represent the diversity of Arizona communities and terrain.

By mid-March, the revamped cards will be accessible for the standard and Travel IDs. The existing card design ceased production on February 28th, but the cards remain valid until expiration. Additional information regarding the new card design can be found at