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2022 Vehicle Registration Extended for some Alabama Residents

Residents of Alabama have been granted an extension on the payments for car registration in certain counties experiencing closures of licensing offices. Due to a variety of issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of offices and courthouses may be closed leaving residents without the ability to make payments or file for renewals on time. As a result of this Vernon Barnett, the commissioner of the Alabama Department of Revenue, issued an order of extension on January 11th of 2022. This extension is meant to serve as relief for citizens disrupted by any of the closures as county officials work to mitigate the ongoing issues that have resulted from the coronavirus.

What this means for residents is that anyone that is required to pay their vehicle registration but is unable to due to an unexpected closure has till the end of the month that it is due to make their payment. Additionally, residents will not be subject to late fees and penalties that would normally result from missed payments. This will also apply for renewals of car registration and for motor vehicle property tax. However, this order only applies to residents of counties that had their local county licensing office or courthouse closed during normal business hours for a twenty-day period or more. If an office is not open on the day an individual is required to make a payment, then their required date of payment is extended to the next business day the office is open. It is important for residents to check the hours of operation for their local offices to confirm eligibility for the extension.

County administrators will continue to ensure residents have the services they require, and this extension will hopefully serve as a means to do that. For additional information citizens of Alabama are encouraged to reach out to their local county licensing officials either over the phone or through the ALDOR website. Links to the site are listed below as well as to the official extension order.