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Oklahoma Vehicle Registration Renewal

Renew Oklahoma Vehicle Registration

Oklahoma drivers are required to renew the registration on their vehicles each year.

You can renew your OK registration: 

  • Online.
  • By mail.
  • In person.

Renew OK Car Registration Online

The easiest way to renew your vehicle registration in Oklahoma is online. Most vehicles can be renewed through the Convenient Auto Renewal System (CARS).

To renew online: 

  1. Visit the CARS website.
  2. Provide the requested information. You’ll need your:
    • Driver’s license.
    • Insurance policy information.
    • License plate number.
    • Vehicle identification number (VIN).
  3. Pay the renewal fee. CARS accepts:
    • Checking account information.
    • Credit cards. CARS accepts:
      • MasterCard.
      • Visa.
      • Discover card.
      • American Express.

Renew Oklahoma Registration by Mail or in Person

The same documents are required to renew registration by mail or in person. You must provide your: 

  • Vehicle information. This may be your:
    • VIN.
    • License plate number.
    • Title.
    • Renewal notice.
  • Proof of insurance.
  • Payment for the applicable fees. These include the:
    • Registration fee.
    • Plate decal fee: $1.50.
    • License plate replacement fee: $3 (includes decal fee).
    • Insurance processing fee: $1.50.

Visit your local tag agent or mail your items to:

P.O. Box 26940
Oklahoma City, OK 73126-0940

OK Registration Renewal Fees

In Oklahoma, registration renewal fees decrease over time. 

For non-commercial vehicles:

  • 1-4 years of being registered: $96.
  • 5-8 years of being registered: $86.
  • 9-12 years of being registered: $66.
  • 13-16 years of being registered: $46.
  • 17 years and older: $26. 

For commercial vehicles and motorcycle registration renewal fees, check the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) website.