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Vehicle Titling and Registration in Missouri

Missouri Vehicle Title and Registration

Missouri vehicles must be titled and registered through the Department of Revenue (DOR). You’ll have to transfer a title and register a vehicle when you:

  • Move to Missouri from another state.


  • Purchase a vehicle in Missouri.

New MO Residents: Title and Register a Vehicle

When you move to Missouri, you’ll have 30 days after you establish residency to title and register your vehicle or pay a penalty fee.

If a lienholder possesses the title of your vehicle, you must complete the relevant sections of an Owner Out-of-State Title Request (Form 5834) and send it to them via fax, mail, or email. Once they have sent you the required documentation (outlined on the form), you must complete your transaction at your local licensing office.

Visit your local licensing office and submit your:

Vehicle Titling and Registration for Recently Purchased Vehicles in Missouri

When you purchase a vehicle in Missouri, you have 30 days to title and register your vehicle without incurring a penalty. Complete your transaction by visiting your local licensing office and providing a(n):

Missouri Vehicle Title and Registration Fees

  • Title fee and processing fee: $14.50.
  • Electronic transmission fee (if applicable): $2.
  • State sales tax:225% of vehicle purchase price This applies to vehicles:
    • Purchased in Missouri.
    • Registered in another state within the last 90 days. If it has been more than 90 days, a receipt showing the amount of taxes paid to the applicable state is required. If the percentage paid in that state is less than 4.2225%, the difference is owed to the DOR.
  • Local sales tax: Use the tax calculator to determine the cost.
  • Registration fees: Vary based on horsepower or vehicle weight. See the fee schedule for a detailed list.
  • Late fee: $25 the first day it is late. Then, an additional $25 is incurred every 30 days afterward (maximum $200).