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Renewing a Vehicle Registration in Maryland

Maryland Registration Renewal

You can renew your Maryland car registration up to 2 months before it expires. Registration lasts 2 years. You face penalties for driving with an expired registration.

There are many ways to renew your vehicle registration in Maryland. You can renew:

  • Online.
  • By phone.
  • At an eMVA kiosk.
  • By mail.
  • In person at a county treasurer’s office*.
  • In person at accredited title service agencies*.

If you have any outstanding violations, you’ll have to visit an MVA service center to renew your registration.

*Additional fees apply when renewing in person.

Renew MD Vehicle Registration Online

The most convenient way to renew your Maryland registration is by using the eMVA online portal. You can renew your registration online as long as the information on your current registration is up-to-date and accurate. This includes your:

Once you’ve verified the information listed on your current registration and/or renewal notice, visit the eMVA online portal, select “Registration Renewal,” and provide your:

  • Vehicle title number.
  • Current vehicle tag number.
  • Email address or phone number.
  • Payment via credit card or electronic check.
    • eMVA accepts American Express, MasterCard Discover Card, or Visa.
    • Check payments require the following information:
      • Bank account number.
      • Routing number.
      • Driver’s license number.
      • Date of Birth.

After you complete the transaction, the MVA will mail your new registration card and plate decals.

Renew Maryland Registration by Phone

If the name, address, insurance, and vehicle information on your renewal notice is accurate, you’re eligible to renew your vehicle registration over the phone.

Call (410) 768-7000 and be ready to provide your:

  • Vehicle title number.
  • Current vehicle tag number.
  • Credit card information for payment. The MVA accepts American Express, Discover Visa, or MasterCard.

You will receive your new registration and stickers in the mail shortly after completing the transaction.

Maryland Registration Renewal at an eMVA Kiosk

You can also renew your MD registration at an eMVA kiosk found at all MVA service locations.

Renew at a kiosk only if the following information is current and accurate on your registration renewal notice:

  • Name.
  • Address. This can also be updated using the eMVA kiosk.
  • Insurance.
  • Vehicle information.

To renew your vehicle registration at a self-service kiosk, provide your:

  • Registration renewal notice or current registration.
  • Insurance information.
  • Credit card information or check.
    • Kiosks accept Visa, Discover, MasterCard, and American Express.
    • Payment by check may require your driver’s license number.

The kiosk will print your new registration car and plate decals after processing the transaction.

Renew Maryland Registration by Mail

Renewing your vehicle registration by mail is another great way to avoid long lines. This method also makes it possible for you to update the information on your registration card when you renew.

To renew by mail:

  • Complete the form and any required certifications included with your renewal notice. Make any necessary corrections by filling out the gray section.
  • Sign each document. Only one owner is required to sign the renewal notice.
  • List your official position title if the vehicle is owned by a company.
  • Include a Power of Attorney document if you:
    • Are NOT a company official.
    • Lease the vehicle.
    • Do NOT own the vehicle.
  • Include a check (with your personal information pre-printed on it) or money order for the amount owed. DO NOT send cash.
    • Write your driver’s license number and work phone number on the check.
    • Mail to the address listed on the renewal notice.

Once the transaction is processed, the MVA will mail your new registration and stickers.

Renew MD Registration at a County Treasurer’s Office or Titling Agency

If you prefer, you can complete your registration renewal in person at your local county treasurer’s office or at a licensed titling agency for an additional fee.

In addition to payment for renewal and service fees, you may be asked to provide your:

  • Renewal notice or current registration.
  • Proof of insurance.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Power of attorney if the vehicle does not belong to you.

MD Registration Renewal Fees

Registration is good for 2 years.

  • Passenger cars (3,700 pounds and under): $135.
  • Passenger cars (over 3,700 pounds): $187.
  • Motorcycles: $104.

Additional fees may apply to select counties. Check the MVA fee chart for a complete list of vehicle registration fees.