Register a Georgia Vehicle

Title and Register a Vehicle in Georgia

Whether you newly purchased a vehicle or have recently moved to the Peach State, the Department of Revenue requires you to register your vehicle.

If you’re a new resident of Georgia, you must first obtain your license or state ID before titling and registering your vehicle. 

You have 30 days from establishing residency to obtain a Georgia title and registration in the county you live in.

Some counties require you to get an emissions inspection before registering your vehicle.

To register a vehicle, visit your local county tag office and provide:

If you have a lien or a lease on a vehicle you purchased out of state, the county will contact the lienholder or lessee using the information you provided on your T-17 form. A registration will be issued upon application and the new title will be mailed to the vehicle owner.

Georgia Title and Registration Fees

  • GA registration: $20.
  • Taxes may differ between counties.
  • Title fee: $18.
  • Emissions fees vary between locations.