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WISDOT Ends Driver's License Renewal Extension For Ages 60+

An extension granted for Wisconsin drivers over the age of 60 to renew their license has expired. The Department of Transportation, on behalf of the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in the state of Wisconsin, made the announcement in mid-March. As of March 31, 2022, the temporary extension policy expired.

Wisconsin drivers between the ages of 18 and 64 years can renew their driver's license online via To renew online, you must be a U.S. citizen, have an unrestricted driver's license, and confirm that there has been no changes in medical conditions. You cannot renew online if you require an original REAL ID.

An appointment can be set online by visiting if you plan to go in person to a DMV office. To reduce the wait time and expedite your appointment, you may complete and submit the application on their website electronically. To reach the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Public Affairs office by phone, the number is (608) 266-3581. For more information, you can also email your questions to [email protected].

The ending of the policy affects many 60+ drivers who hold a driver's license from Wisconsin. After the March 31st, 2022 deadline, any license which has not been renewed by that date is invalid. In addition to Wisconsin, several other states enacted a similar extension policy for older Americans.

The initial decision to implement the license renewal extension was made to help keep the 60+ population safer during the height of the pandemic. The state's Department of Transportation began releasing public announcements weeks before the end of the extension period. This would help to minimize the crowds of last-minute applicants in the DMV lobbies across the state. Those who meet the requirements to renew online can complete the application process and pay the renewzl fee online. A new license will be sent out by mail.