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Top 5 Safety Tips For Newly Licensed Drivers

You’ve finally passed the road test, and you have received your well-deserved driver’s license. Before you go crazy with your newfound freedom, remember to follow these safety rules to make sure you avoid an accident and keep that license for a very long time.

Wear Your Seatbelt

Most states have laws that require drivers to wear seatbelts, but sometimes relaxed drivers, overconfident drivers or new drivers can forego wearing seatbelts because they don’t think they need them. Don’t be one of those drivers. Seatbelts save lives. Studies conducted by the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) show 50% of car accident fatalities involve motorists who weren’t wearing seatbelts. Wear a seatbelt. Make sure your passengers are wearing seatbelts and drive safely!


Avoid Distactions 

It can be difficult to avoid distractions. As a driver, you should avoid talking or texting on your cellphone, eating or any other activity that can distract you from the task at hand i.e. driving. Try to come up with strategies to help you avoid those distractions, for example, eating before you start a drive or putting your cellphone on silent and hiding your phone in your vehicle’s glove compartment. Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road while you drive.

Don't Speed

Look, we know speeding can make you feel like you’re Vin Diesel in the Fast and Furious, but it’s never worth it to speed. Speeding rarely ever benefits the driver. Drivers who speed pay expensive fines and high insurance premium fees. Your chances of getting into an accident are more likely the more you speed, AND speeding doesn’t even help you get to your location any sooner. Basically, you could be risking your life for a cheap thrill and no other benefit.

Maintain A Safe Driving Distance From Other Drivers

Don’t tailgate other drivers. Driving too closely behind other cars reduces your ability to respond to sudden changes in the environment around you. If you’re tailgating another vehicle and the driver ahead stops suddenly, you could crash into them easily. Try to give the driver ahead of you plenty of space to maneuver. Remember, even if you tailgate the driver ahead of you, it probably won’t make them or the four cars ahead of them go any faster. Relax!

Be Wary Of Other Drivers

 You can be a safe and efficient driver and still get into car accidents. That’s because not all drivers prioritize their safety and the safety of other drivers. Don’t assume the other driver sees you or will stop for you. Instead practice defensive driving: obey all traffic laws, be alert and scan the road frequently and assume the other driver is not as responsible as you. You may not be able to stop other drivers from driving recklessly, but if you’re alert you can better avoid any sudden changes that could cause an accident.

Practicing safe driving habits can reduce your chances of getting into car accidents. The aforementioned habits might seem like common sense but it’s always good to remind yourself of these basic safe driving habits and to practice them routinely. Driving like any skill requires practice.

Got a safe driving tip we should put on this list? Don't be selfish. Let us know!