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The Mississippi Department of Public Safety implements the Provisional Driver's License.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety is responsible for implementing the Provisional Driver's License program, which aims to help new drivers reduce their risk of traffic crashes by providing additional training and monitoring throughout the first year after obtaining a driver's license.

This program consists of three phases. During phase one, drivers must complete an online course, take a driving knowledge test, and undergo supervised driving practice with a certified instructor.

During phase two, drivers must participate in regular learner's permit periods and pass a peer-review task analysis and some behind-the-wheel requirements. Finally, during phase three, drivers must participate in monitored road practice with independent licensed drivers until they reach one year of actual driving experience under a provisional license.

The Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS) Driver Service Bureau has implemented the Provisional Driver's License, allowing eligible drivers to obtain a license without taking a road test. The Provisional Driver's License is available to drivers 18 years of age or older who have held a valid learner's permit for six months.

Drivers who wish to obtain a Provisional Driver's License must complete an application and submit it to the DPS Driver Service Bureau. Once the application is approved, the driver will be issued a valid license for two years. The Provisional Driver's License allows drivers to operate a motor vehicle unsupervised but with some restrictions.

For example, provisional license holders may not drive between 11:00 PM and 5:00 AM. In addition, temporary license holders must not accumulate more than four points on their driving record within the two years. If a provisional license holder violates any of these restrictions, their license may be suspended or revoked. The Provisional Driver's License is an essential step in obtaining a full driver's license, and it provides new drivers with the opportunity to gain experience behind the wheel.

Overall, this comprehensive program helps equip novice drivers with the necessary skills and knowledge to operate e vehicles safely on public roads. If you're looking to improve your safety behind the wheel, check out the Provisional Driver's License program today!
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