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Sussex Virginia Has a New DMV Select Office

Sussex received a brand-new DMV Select office on October 11, 2022. DMV Selects offers partial DMV services. The new office was built in collaboration with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. The new office can be found inside the Treasurer’s office at 15074 Courthouse Road.

The new DMV Select is not a full DMV. It will not be doing any transactions related to Drivers Licenses. The services it provides are as follows:

  • Address changes - Changes cannot be made involving identification being issued.
  • License plates - Plates for cars, motorcycles, trucks, and permanent trailers can be ordered. Customized plates are available to order.
  • Permits - Overload and trip permits
  • Placards - Handicapped parking
  • Vehicle titles and registrations - Original title services will be offered. Substitute and replacement title services will also be available. Title maintenance can also be done. Registration services are offered for plate surrenders, renewals, re-issues, transfers, and original registrations.
  • Voter registration applications - The office will accept and forward applications. It will not be involved in the processing of them.
  • Transcripts - Transcripts can be requested for vehicles and drivers.
  • E-ZPass transponder selling

The Sussex DMV Select office provides walk-in service starting at 9 a.m. The service ends at 4 p.m. and is available from Monday to Friday. County Treasurer Deste Cox voiced enthusiasm for the new office at a Sussex County Board of Supervisors meeting in August of this year. The Commonwealth of Virginia now has 58 DMX Select offices.

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Submitted by Robert James on Wed, 11/09/2022 - 10:53