Seven Steps That Can Help You Avoid An Accident

Even the best drivers make mistakes that can have devastating consequences. Whether you’re an experienced driver or a teen who recently received his license, this article gives you seven ways to help you avoid an accident.

Know Your Car's Limits

It is so crucial to know your car’s limits. For example, how long does it take for your vehicle to stop when you push down on the brake pedal hard? How long does it take for your vehicle to accelerate? If you know how your vehicle will respond in most driving situations, you will be better able to know how to handle your vehicle in an emergency situation when you have a short amount of time to react.

Keep Your Car In Good Shape

Great. You’re confident that you know how your vehicle will react, but now you need to make sure you maintain your vehicle so it will react the way you expect.  Check with your vehicle’s manufacturer and follow the recommended maintenance schedule to make sure your vehicle is in good working condition when you’re out on the road. 

Keep A Safe Distance

Maintain a safe distance from other drivers so that if something unexpected occurs you have time and space to maneuver out of harm’s way.

Check Your Blind Spots

Check your blind spots often. It’s easy as you become more and more comfortable as a driver to forget about your shortcomings or flaws. A good driver adjusts his mirror frequently, but don’t rely solely on your side and rearview mirrors. Remember to look directly behind or beside you to catch any objects or vehicles that your mirrors might miss. Additionally, consider the blind spots of drivers around you and make sure you avoid or minimize the time you spend in those blind spot areas.

Avoid the Fast Lane On Multilane Roads 

As a driver, you have more “escape routes” if you drive in the center or right lane on multilane roads. If a problem arises suddenly while you are driving, you want to be able to change lanes quickly or to pull over to the side of the road safely when necessary. To avoid accidents make sure you are always aware of your “escape routes.”

Assess A Driver By His Behavior And The Condition Of His Car 

If the driver ahead of you has a broken tail light or a broken side view mirror, this could be an indication that the driver is inattentive or has been too busy or preoccupied lately, which could impair his effectiveness as a driver. Additionally, if you see the driver drifting into the wrong lane or changing speeds abruptly, this driver may be drunk or tired. Judge the driver ahead of you and if you think he might be a danger to you, avoid that driver quickly and safely. 

Obey All Traffic Laws

Most likely, a driver who causes an accident probably isn’t following the law i.e. speeding, drinking and driving, running a red light, etc. The laws exist for a reason: to help keep everyone safe. Follow the traffic laws and avoid, as best as you can, all those drivers who do not. 





by Abby on April 20, 2015