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The Renovated Newhall DMV Field Office Will be Open for Business on November 18 2022.

Customers are reminded that the California DMV's Newhall field office, located at 24427 Newhall Ave., will reopen for business on Friday, November 18, at 8 am.

New modular furnishings, carpeting, signage, and electrical and data connections were installed when the office was closed on September 23 for renovations and enhancements.

Residents needing a REAL ID are strongly advised to visit the appropriate office to apply for one. The United States Department of Homeland Security has announced that beginning May 3, 2023, a travel document or other FDA-mandated papers, such as a REAL ID driver's license or id card, will be required for domestic air travel and entry into restricted areas of government buildings and military posts.

It would help if you visited before your appointment to upload the required papers and obtain a confirmation code to bring to the office. You don't need a license to complete the transaction; bring your paperwork and confirmation number to the local DMV office. Less than 10 minutes is all it takes now to execute a REAL ID transaction at a service window.

To Start, Look Online.

The DMV has recently made significant progress toward expanding its digital service offerings. Visits to the DMV office are unnecessary for completing most transactions. Customers can renew their driver's licenses and car registrations and transact through the DMV's online services and other service channels. The DMV website features a helpful tool called the Service Advisor that customers can use to do various administrative chores.

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Submitted by Robert James on Sun, 11/13/2022 - 09:45