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REAL ID Enforcement in California Deadline May 3 2023

Residents of California are rising to their civic duty and going to register for their REAL ID. The enforcement has a deadline of 3rd May 2023. With approximately one year left to the deadline, over 12.9 million Californians already have their REAL ID. According to the records, more than 200,000 persons registered in March 2022. The enforcement is to ensure every citizen has all the required documentation like the REAL ID driver’s license or identification and passport. Possession of these documents will enable you to access federal services and board flights within the United States.

According to the DMV Director, Steve Gordon, they have made the process easier for their clients. People can now access the services through their website. The process starts by creating an online application, uploading your required documents, and booking a physical appointment. You can book the appointment for your most suitable location and at your convenient time. This online process makes serving more customers easier and reduces traffic in the DMV offices.

The physical appointment is a must-attend since it helps verify the actual person making the application. You have to carry three major proofs to that appointment:

• Identity proof
Your original birth certificate or passport is mandatory, and the official name change documents for anyone whose names differ from those on the birth certificate.

• Residency proof
You have to show that you reside in California using two paper documents such as bank statements or utility bills.

• Social security number
All viable citizens should have this, unless for the legal exceptions of lawfully admitted non-citizens.

The digitalizing of the DMV services is helping more people get services at their convenience. Citizens can get services like registering for a license, licenses renewal, and many others online. You can complete most of them online without visiting the DMV office. The authorities urge people to take advantage of this digitalization and register for their REAL ID without waiting for the last-minute rush. More people benefit from this platform each day in California, and the state is moving closer to achieving its targets.



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