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Preparing for your Motorcycle Permit Test

Be Prepared For Your Motorcycle Permit Test

Preparation is the key to passing any DMV exam. The rules for motorcycle operators are complex, so it is especially important to be fully prepared for your motorcycle permit test. In order to operate a motorcycle legally on the road, you must acquire a motorcycle permit from your state's DMV. This endorsement is attached to your normal driver's license to allow you to operate both your automobile and your motorcycle.

Before you begin, take your motorcycle permit test. There are several things that you should be aware of in order to properly prepare.

What To Study For Your DMV Motorcycle Permit Test

The first step in preparing for any test is to know the material you will be tested on. Finding a copy of both your state's driver's handbook and motorcycle handbook should be the first step as you prepare to study. These can easily be found at your local DMV office or can be downloaded from your state's DMV website.

Once you have your state's driver handbooks, it is important to study them thoroughly. Studying the standard driver's handbook will be a good refresher on the basic rules of the road. The regulations for motorcycle operators build on the rules that apply to drivers of automobiles. There are many rules for motorcycle operators, such as lane sharing and operator safety, that are not covered in your state's standard driver handbook. In order to understand the additional regulations and special situations that only pertain to motorcycle operators, it is vitally important to study the motorcycle operator's handbook as thoroughly as possible. Your motorcycle permit test will be based on the information in this handbook. Every question and answer on your test will be taken from its pages.

After you have studied the driver and motorcycle operator handbook, taking a practice test based on your state's motorcycle permit test will be invaluable. Taking a practice test will simulate the test taking environment to prepare you for a real time testing situation. A practice test will also contain many questions that you will see when the day comes for you to take your official permit test. This will help ease anxiety come test day, and will have shown you the types of questions you will be asked.

Once you have taken a practice test, it will be important to review the information pertaining to questions that you have missed. This is the perfect time to review the motorcycle operator's handbook once again. After you have reviewed your handbook, retaking your practice test will help you be fully prepared.

What To Bring The Day Of Your DMV Motorcycle Permit Test

There are several things that you must bring with you to the DMV in order to be allowed to take the permit test. The first thing to be aware of is that you must be at least 16 years of age and possess a valid driver's license to obtain a motorcycle endorsement. You will not be allowed to apply unless you meet these criteria.

The DMV will also need to verify that you have the minimum road insurance before issuing a permit. Bringing proof of insurance to your test will be important. You will also be required to pay a fee before your permit is issued, so make sure that you have payment ready.

Once test day has arrived, you will want to call ahead and make an appointment or check the wait times for your tests. Checking wait times will prevent you from showing up to take your test, only to find out when you arrive that you will need to wait an extended period of time. If it is possible to make an appointment, this will guarantee you a time to take your test and prevent waiting altogether. Many DMV offices have their wait times listed online, and also make it possible to schedule an appointment if one is needed.

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