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Popular DMV Test Myths Debunked

Passing your permit or road test can be stressful and anxiety producing. The permit test for first time drivers is a big deal, and sometimes to quell the tides of anxiety, friends or loved ones might tell you things like “If you fail the first time, you’ll pass the second time automatically” or “Don’t waste time taking practice tests. It’s easy really easy.” Well, stop listening to those lies! Here are five of the most popular and common DMV test myths that we’re about to debunk.

"If you’re a good driver, you’ll always pass." 

You may very well be the best driver in the world, but that will not guarantee your success. Being a good driver certainly increases your chances of passing your driving test, but your examiner watches you to make sure you are not making too many common mistakes, which good drivers on the road might get away with on a regular day. For example, an examiner might mark you down for rolling through a stop or not stopping behind the line completely.

"Plan the route ahead of time, and you’ll be fine." 

There’s more than one route available, and there is no way to know for certain what route the examiner will ask you to drive. It’s good to practice driving on various routes in different traffic situations, but don’t practice one route more than the other. This will only give you a false sense of security on test day.


"DMV restricts how many drivers can pass per day." 

Nope. Nope. Nope. There is no limit to how many drivers can pass the road test or the written test on any given day. If you drive well and if you answer your questions correctly, you will pass. There is no quota for the day, week or month that the DMV is trying to avoid or reach. Just do your best.

"If you fail the first time, you’re sure to pass the second time."

This one is a stubborn myth that refers to the written and road test. If anyone tells you, “Don’t worry. They’ll remember you and pass you the second try.” Don’t believe them. They will not remember you, and you have no guarantee of passing any DMV test on the second try. You can’t count on repeat questions on the permit test, for example. The best way to ensure you do well on your permit test or driving test is to study consistently and practice driving safely.

"Practice tests are useless." 

What?! Hello! This last one is simply not true at all. Practice tests, especially free practice tests, can be a big help to test takers. These practice tests will give you a sense of what kind of questions you can expect to encounter on your real permit/written test, and this knowledge will help you better study and prepare. There are a few websites out there that offer unlimited free written tests. This site is the best of them: 

Know of a myth that we haven’t listed here that you want us to debunk? Post below and we’ll check it out.

Submitted by Abby on Mon, 04/06/2015 - 10:58