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Organizations to Get $2.5 Funding From Motorcycle Ohio for Rider Training

In November 2021, Motorcycle Ohio, an Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles division, announced that they would give $2.5 million to nonprofit organizations and government agencies that will offer motorcycle-riding classes to the public.

According to a recent survey, this announcement comes as an effort to reduce motorcycle injuries and fatalities, which have been on the rise over the past few years.

Motorcycle Ohio develops programs for motorcycle education and safety, which offer affordable training lessons to beginners and experienced motorcycle riders. They do this through public information campaigns, rider education, and licensing improvement.

According to the Motorcycle Ohio State Program Coordinator, Michele Piko, “comprehensive motorcycle training coupled with wearing the right gear is essential for beginners and experienced riders to navigate through Ohio’s roadways.” That helps prevent accidents and injuries to the riders, pedestrians, and other motorists.

He also added that the funding would ensure that government and nonprofit organizations develop programs that provide certified training to build and improve riders' skills.

Some of the lessons the funding will allow these organizations to provide include Basic Rider Skills 2, Basic Rider Skills for beginners, and Basic Rider Skills for returning riders. Basic Riding Skills 2 is mainly for early-season refreshers, helps riders bond with new motorbikes, and gives them the experience of riding with passengers.

The application for the opportunity for the funding was on from the day of the announcement to 31st December 2021. To qualify, there are specific requirements that applicants had to meet, which they could access on the Motorcycle Ohio website. Alternatively, they could email [email protected] for the details.

For over three decades, Motorcycle Ohio has offered riders in Ohio opportunities to better their skills and improve the safety on Ohio roads. There are over 400,000 registered motorcycles in the state and 600,000 endorsed riders.

The state also gives approximately 40,000 motorcycle permits every year, making the state the fifth-biggest state in total ridership. Motorcycle Ohio is funded by class registrations and motorcycle plate fees. Their primary objective is to offer affordable and effective motorcycle education programs while spreading awareness to other road users.
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