NJMVC Expands Online Services

The New Jersey motor vehicle commission (NJ MVC) makes it easier for citizens to access their motor vehicle records, vehicle title records, and voter registration records online; with the click of a button, citizens can now request copies of their documents in less than 20 seconds using the NJMVC's new website.

The NJ MVC serves New Jersey residents by providing driver licensing, vehicle titling, registration, public safety, and maintaining Department of Motor Vehicle records. The new website provides sales and uses tax registrations, vehicle registration renewals, report license plates, and history records for tax purposes.

The technology lets customers print their documents online without leaving home or business, saving time and money by avoiding trips to the DMV or other DMV agencies. Users can also choose to have the documents mailed to their home or business address.

The new website has been tested, and "no glitches" were found. The website is designed in a user-friendly manner and is compatible with any internet browser. The registration,and renewal process previously done by mail, will now be done electronically.

Information That Can Be Requested by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) Website Has Been Summarized Below;


  • Please request a copy of my official state motor vehicle record
  • Request for an NJMVC Online Vehicle Renewal
  • Please request a copy of my voter registration information
  • Request for a copy of my motor vehicle title

Customers Can Renew Their Vehicle Registration Using the Below Steps;


  1. Customer goes to NJMVC's new website;
  2. Customer clicks on "Online Vehicle Renewal" and enters customer information, including the license plate number, address, last name, and ZIP Code. They will send a validation code to the Customer via email or text message to their cell phone number that a customer must enter into the system to process the renewal request
  3. Customer will receive an email confirmation that the request has been processed and NJMVC will mail the license plate number and registration card to the address printed on the renewal request. The renewal certificate is valid for up to 60 days after being issued by the DMV. Customers can avoid being late or missing their renewal date by using this online service. If a customer fails to receive their registration card, they are encouraged to call NJMVCs or email them
by admin on April 19, 2022