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New Personalized Licenses for Wisconsin Golf fans

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation's Division of Motor Vehicles revealed that the new Golf Wisconsin license plate design is now available on their website this week. Through a $25 tax-deductible donation to the WPGA Junior Foundation and the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, the plate helps support Wisconsin's golfing community. The fans will see the WPGA logo on the new, full-color plate. The older plates will no longer be available.

WPGA Junior Foundation and Wisconsin Tourism Department contributions are included in the annual fee for the Golf Wisconsin special license plate. WPGA of America can be reached at (414) 443-3570 for additional information about the WPGA Junior Foundation. Vehicles that meet the requirements are Automobiles, Motor vehicles with annual registration only, and the trucks with the following,

• The gross weight of a dual-purpose motor home and a dual-purpose farm should not exceed 4,500 pounds.
• Weight over 12,000 kg

People who want to get Golf Wisconsin license plates should know that they must pay a fee for the privilege. Golf Wisconsin receives an annual donation of $25, whereas personalized plates may incur a $15 issuance cost of $15 or a yearly fee of $15. If your present plates are about to expire or don't have the standard registration charge for your car. Additionally, the $25 gift and the regular registration charge for non-personalized Golf Wisconsin plates must be paid at each renewal.

To get a unique or personalized license plate, it is mandatory to mail in your application to the Department of Motor Vehicles and provide the necessary materials to request Golf Wisconsin license plates.

To apply for Golf Wisconsin plates on a car that is already registered under your name, email the following information:

• Golf Wisconsin License Plate Application and Information and Application MV2960 or an official copy of your registration certificate.
• Donation of $25 to Golf Wisconsin
• $15.00 in fees for the issuance of a personalized license plate.
• The annual registration charge will apply as long as you have not renewed your present plates or gotten new ones.

Do not include your name in this email if the vehicle is not registered to you. Instead, send MV1 or MV11 application for Wisconsin Title and License Plates, including all fees, from a dealer

• Information and application form MV2960 for Wisconsin Golf License Plates
• a copy of the seller's certificate of title
• A $25 gift to Golf Wisconsin
• It costs $15 to get a personalized license plate.
• If your present license plates are about to expire or do not have them, you will have to pay an additional annual registration charge.

Ensure that you make the payment payable to Registration Fee Trust, and finally, Send your electronic mail to the department of transportation in Wisconsin: