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Missouri DOR Opens New Clayton License Office

Clayton License Office The Clayton license office was officially opened to the public on January 26, 2022. The office is located at 141 N Meramec Avenue, suite 201. The management contract for the Clayton license office was given to Estro Vir Foundation on November 15, 2021. The contract was awarded in a competitive bid process, as is the norm in Missouri. Additionally, like other license offices in Missouri, the Clayton License office is operated by independent contractors but overseen by the Missouri Department of Revenue.

The office provides DMV services to the people of Missouri. People residing in Missouri can visit the office in person to get any service related to driving on site. If you have just moved from another state to Missouri, you should immediately visit the Clayton license office. This is because you will have to change your license and possibly update your car credentials.

In Missouri, different DMV offices have different rules that regulate their operation schedules. The majority of the offices in the area require members of the public to book appointments on hand before visiting the office. Therefore, you need to know how to contact the Clayton license office before your official visit to the office.

Make sure before your visit that you have the correct information on whether or not you should make an appointment. The services offered in this DMV office include permit test, license renewal, change of address, car registration, license transfer, license reinstatement, traffic tickets, hunting, and fishing license, traffic school, appointment guide, car title, DMV fees, and DMV written test among other services.

To access any service, you will need to contact the Clayton license office and know if you're supposed to make an appointment. You can also visit the Missouri Department of Revenue's official website for more information. Furthermore, you can visit the Clayton office location if you live around Missouri and ask your questions to the program officers.

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