Masks No Longer Required at Michigan SOS Offices

Michigan Department of State
Michigan Department of State, Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, and Michigan Department of Education have teamed up to make everyone healthy. The flu shot is available for everyone ages six months and older. You can get a picture or get the vaccine for free at any Family Care Clinic, in your doctor’s office, or at a pharmacy. The CDC has a great website with all the information you need to protect yourself from the flu.

No Masks at State Buildings
Starting from Thursday, March 3, 2022, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) will no longer require masks at the Secretary of State building. The decision was made after many people had been coming into the MDHHS building with masks because they noticed that it was not required, and so they thought it safest to continue wearing them. Until many people were against wearing a mask, saying that it was unnecessary unless there was a real health risk. They said that the flu shot is not necessarily needed for every person. There are different immune systems in different groups of mankind due to age, occupation, and other factors. It has been observed that flu shots are recommended for children aged nine months onwards and adults over sixty-five.

Some people have said that they will continue wearing masks during flu season because they do not want to order a vaccine. Others have said that they will wear a show because of the professional risks that come with it. Some will say that they won’t wear a mask unless required by the MDHHS. The flu vaccine is still strongly recommended by the MDHHS and other health organizations. It is even necessary for some schools and workplaces.

by admin on May 05, 2022