Indiana BMV Ameriplex Branch Closure Reminder

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) Ameriplex Branch is located at 7811 Milhouse Rd. Commissioner Peter L. Lacy presents the decision to close its doors as of Friday, Apr. 1, 2022. You will still conduct all the transactions through their online and telephone services. There are several nearby options to make transactions. Find a 24-hour BMV Connect kiosk in any DMV office that accepts cash or credit card transactions. Find an approved and authorized VIN re-transfer partner using the BMV Connect website. Find an approved and endorsed re-transfer partner using the BMV Connect website.

How to get BMV services online
Now, one can get all BMV services online and have their record transferred to a central location. It is done through the use of the internet portal called BMV ivh. This portal will help them complete all the documents required for registration and renewals. It is free of cost to users. The BMV offers licensing and registration services online at You can use the website for regeneration, transfer, and duplicate services.

Purpose of Closure
This project is intended to educate the public about the closure and ensure BMV has a smooth transition to an online-based system. This project is not designed to add additional time or cost to the BMV but will help them maintain efficiency while focusing on their website.

Expected Results
The primary expected result of this project is to inform the public that BMV is shifting its focus away from brick-and-mortar offices and moving online. It will allow commuters and residents to learn about the closure and change of BMV promptly and ensure no customer information will be lost during the transition.

In this report, the analysis results will help plan an orderly transition of services to an online platform. The goal is to help BMV keep customers informed about the closure of their local BMV branch before its closure and ensure there will be no interruption in services during the transition. The BMV has since been announced for closure on Friday, Apr. 1, 2022. Online services will be available.

by admin on May 04, 2022