Illinois SOS Pekin Diver Services Facility Construction Project to Increase capacity by 50%

Jesse White, Illinois Secretary of state, has announced that the Pekin Driver Services facility situated at 200 S. 2nd St. will be closed from Thursday, April 21, to pave the way for a construction project intended to increase the size of the facility by up to 50 percent. The facility is estimated to be 3,620 square feet, and the current size of 1,200 square feet. The facility is expected to open to the public by mid-May.

Jesse White said that there was a need to expand the facility owing to the increased demand for services within and around the community.

“We felt the need to increase the size of this facility because of the current challenges we are facing. We realized that we need more space for workers to attend the ever-increasing demand for our services”, said White. “It will be more convenient to serve our constituents in a bigger building even as we continue to encourage our customers to embrace online transactions.”

The office of the Secretary of state has been coordinating with the contractor in charge of the project. The construction entails getting rid of a common wall to create a bigger space for driver services. Besides adding extra space, the modifications aim to maximize efficiency and traffic flow in the more extensive facility.

Although the department of transport has launched online transactions for most of its services, most people are still trooping to the offices to seek driver services. This has stretched the existing infrastructure prompting the state Secretary’s office to expand the facility.

As a reminder, Jesse White has pushed forward all expiry dates till July 31, 2022, for ID cards and driver’s licenses. However, the extension doesn’t affect commercial driver’s licenses (CDL) and learner’s permits. The Secretary of state promised to complete the construction project within the shortest time possible to restore normal operations.

“We are closely working with the landlord to have the project completed as s as possible,” said White.

The office urges customers to seek services from their nearest Driver’s Service facilities until the new and refurbished facility is opened. White encourages those seeking assistance to visit the following offices:

Sterling Bazaar Shopping Plaza 3311 N. Sterling Ave, Peoria, IL. (Customers must book an appointment for ID and driver’s license when seeking services from this facility).
1015 W. Locust Canton, IL.

by admin on May 12, 2022