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FLHSMV is trying to Raise Stay on the Scene Awareness

In contrast with 2019, hit and run crashes increased by 18%, while the totality of all the crashes in Florida decreased by 13% in 2020. The turn of events has caused FLHSMV to launch the stay at the scene campaign during the hit and run awareness month. FLHSMV partners with other associations to educate drivers on their responsibilities in case of a crash. In addition, the motorists are made aware of the consequences of failing to adhere to staying at the scene and how they can swiftly contact law enforcement officers in case of a crash.

Terry L. Rhodes, FLHSMV Executive Director, said fleeing a crash scene violates the law and has life-altering consequences. Sometimes, you might leave someone who is in dire medical attention.

According to FLHSMV analysis, most hit and run crashes occur during low light hours such as dawn, dusk, and nighttime. 85% of the hit and run crashes recorded between 2015 and 2020 occurred during the abovementioned hours.

Motorists are requested to look for vulnerable road users during these low light periods. The most culprits of hit and run are road users. In 2020, out of 254 hit and run fatalities, 137 were pedestrians, while 25 were bicyclists, according to the FLHSMV report. To avert the dangers of hit and run, pedestrians and bicyclists are urged to be visible with proper lighting and reflectors.
According to Florida Highway Patrol Director Colonel Gene S. Spaulding, fleeing the crash scene as a motorist is a severe offense. You should remain at the scene after the crash and offer help to the fatalities.

The Florida law dictates that the driver must immediately stop at the scene of a crash on open or private property that outcomes in property harm, injury, or passing. Leaving the location of an accident is a crime, and a driver, when indicted, will have their permit renounced for something like three years and can be condemned to a required least of four years in jail.
If you are involved in a crash, do the following.
  • Ensure you are alright and remain calm
  • Move to the side of the road if possible. Get out the car keys and stand in a safe place
  • Check on people involved in the accident. In case anyone is injured or a car is inoperable, call 911
  • Assuming that there are no wounds or significant property harm, assemble data. Get the name, driver permit, protection, and label data from the other driver(s). Take photographs of the vehicles and data on the off chance that you can't record it and afterward document a report on the web.
  • Stay calm and do not leave the scene.