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Five Ways To Stay Courteous While Waiting In A DMV Line

The DMV can be a frustrating place for even the calmest civilian. But, especially at the DMV, getting mad won’t get you what you want. You can scream at the persons ahead of you or at the clerk, but you’ll only be making enemies for yourself. Most likely, your hostility will be rewarded with more hostility. Next time you’re making a trip to the DMV, try these five different approaches that can help you stay courteous and kind to those around you, even if you start to get frustrated.

Say “Please” And “Thank You”

Follow up every request, inquiry or reply with “please” or “thank you.” This task is easier for some more than others. Generally, people are more inclined to help those who seem appreciative or grateful for their help. Letting the people around you know that you recognize their efforts and that you are thankful (even when inside you may be cursing them to hell) can go a long way. So follow up those requests with a “please” and/or a “thank you” until it becomes natural.

Listen To Music

So maybe you’re not the talkative type. Maybe being kind or polite is really not your thing. Maybe you think it’s too phony or unrealistic. Fair enough. You know that saying if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. That’s our advice to follow. Just set up a playlist and listen to some music. People are way less likely to approach a person wearing headphones.

Speak Softly

Tone makes a big difference in how you may be perceived by others around you. If you’re yelling or shouting, even in a friendly manner, people may still feel like you’re being aggressive. Unless someone specifically asks you to speak up, maintain a calm and level-headed tone when speaking to others. Make it a game if need be! 

Vent To A Friend

What are friends for if not to be there when you need to vent your frustration? Next time you’re at the DMV and you feel your temper rising, text, e-mail or even a call a friend and let them know of all the horrible annoying things happening to you today rather than ruining someone else’s day. Friends can also be really good at calming you down, reminding you why it’s worth it or even just putting you in your place by telling you maybe how inappropriate you’re being.

Remember No One’s Trying To Irritate You

When people forget what you say, offer unsolicited advice or make comments in a stern or rude way, it’s very easy to feel like they’re trying to irritate you as if it’s their job to make your life a living hell. Now we’re not going to say this is an impossibility, but more often than not, that DMV clerk is not trying to irritate you. He or she may have other reasons and motivations for offering you that advice or speaking to you that way. It can help to remember that you may not be perceiving the situation correctly.


How do you stay calm and courteous at the DMV?


Submitted by Abby on Tue, 07/14/2015 - 10:33