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Eight Ways To Prevent Car Theft

For many people, their vehicles are their most important possessions. You may need your car to drive to work, to the grocery store or to family who lives far away. For whatever reason you use your vehicle, protecting your car and preventing car theft is probably a high priority for you. Below are the eight best ways to prevent car theft. 

Lock Your Car Doors

Let’s start with the basics. Lock your car doors. It’s simple but often forgotten. A thief may be more persuaded to go with an easy steal than a nicer but more difficult vehicle.  

Park in a Safe Area

While parking in a low-crime area does not guarantee 100% auto-theft prevention, it’s a safer bet than an area with a higher crime rate. Try to park your car in a garage or safe area with good lighting and an efficient neighborhood watch.

Hide Your Valuables

Which car seems more enticing to you: Car A that has a Macbook and a purse resting on the passenger seat or Car B that has an umbrella on the back seat? Protect your car by making it look as unappealing as possible. Take your valuables with you if you can and if you can not, hide them in the trunk or under the seat where no one from the outside can see it.  

Drive A Manual Vehicle

Most Americans can’t drive stick shifts—a theory supported here. Sneaky car thieves may be less likely to break into your vehicle if they don’t know how to drive it! 

Invest In A Car Alarm

Nobody likes the sound of a woop-woop car alarm, but it does serve its purpose of drawing people’s attention to your vehicle if someone bothers it. A car thief may change his mind if your vehicle becomes a higher risk.

Use An Alarm Sticker

If you can’t afford a car alarm or cannot stand the sound of a sensitive car alarm, a sticker may dissuade some potential car thieves. Similar to how the “Protected By Brinks” signs in front of house may dissuade home burglars, a visual sign warning a car thief may make your vehicle a higher-risk option for a car thief. 

Buy A Club

Similar to an alarm sticker, a club or similar object is a great visual deterrent. A giant metal bar does not make your car look like an easy mark. Additionally, the club prevents the steering wheel from moving. They can be easy to break, but a car thief may be more inclined to go for a vehicle that is less of a hassle. 


Maintain Your Vehicle

Try to keep your vehicle in good condition. Car jackets may second-guess whether they should steal a car that is well maintained. If you take care of your vehicle, you’re more likely to have a car alarm and more likely to have a way to find you vehicle if it is stolen.


Submitted by Abby on Wed, 08/19/2015 - 10:43