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Eight Easy Ways To Overcome Permit Test Anxiety

Who doesn’t suffer from test anxiety before an important test? The permit test is a stepping-stone to achieving a driver’s license. Nobody wants to fail or have that process delayed unnecessarily. The desire to do well can be extremely anxiety producing. Review these eight easy ways to reduce your nervous jitters! 



If you’re anxious about failing your permit test, studying is one of the best ways to ensure that you will pass your test. Make a study schedule and stick to it consistently. Knowing that you haven’t flaked on your responsibilities should alleviate some of that pre-test stress. Even if you do fail your permit test, if you’ve studied consistently, you’ll know that you tried your best.



Sometimes, it’s best to distract yourself with unrelated activities on the day of your permit test. The night before the test day, you should review your notes and take a couple of practice tests over on, but on the day, there’s not much you can retain so if you’re feeling anxious on test day, distract yourself. Read a book, play a video game for an hour or two, watch a movie or run errands. Do whatever busy work you can find to give your mind a break! If you’re worried that you will be really nervous on the day of your test, if possible schedule your test early in the morning. That way you have less time to think  (or obsess) about your upcoming test. 



Surround yourself with friends, family and loved ones, who can support you and be there to encourage you the weeks before your permit test. Your loved ones can help boost your confidence, calm you down and talk you off the ledge. Sometimes, it’s really helpful when you’re anxious to have the encouragement and love of people who believe in you.  Don’t forget how valuable loved ones can be!



Sometimes, when you’re anxious, you can feel more inclined to think only of all the things that can go wrong. To reduce your anxiety on test day, try as hard as you can to think only of your successes.  Imagine how proud you’ll be when you’ve passed and all your hard work has paid off. Imagine driving a car for the first time! 



This one might seem like it contradicts the act of envisioning your successes, but writing out what happens if you fail can be helpful. Think of that common adage “What’s the worst that can happen?” Imagining what’s the worst that can happen help you figure out ways to deal with that failure. In most cases, failing the permit test means studying and retaking it again. Maybe not an ideal situation, but hardly insurmountable right?



If you’ve studied thoroughly and done your best, there’s nothing else you can do. So if you are feeling anxious before the test, think positively. Whenever you think thoughts like “I’m going to fail.” Or “I’m never going to succeed.”



When you’re feeling stressed, you can sometimes grab for the quickest snack like a brownie or Snickers bar, but these sugary and convenient treats can cause your blood levels to rocket, which can make you even more jittery on test day. On test day have well-balanced meal that can keep you satisfied and focused.



Try various breathing exercises. Even a breathing exercise as simple as three deep inhales and exhales can do wonders for your anxiety.  Go ahead. Try it.

Got any other suggestions for how to calm your nerves before the big day! Share them with us.