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Downtown Anchorage DMV Offering Extended Service

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Making Life Easier for Alaskan Drivers
These days, Alaska residents are often pressed for time. Whether they're honoring family commitments or working hard, very few have time to just drop everything in order to go to the DMV. However, it is sometimes of the utmost importance to make that trip. Whether a driver needs to register a new vehicle or renew their license at the last minute, chances are that they will have to go to the DMV at some point. Not all transactions can be handled online, over the phone or through the mail. Fortunately for Alaskan drivers, the DMV has decided to make the process a lot easier by opening the downtown Anchorage office on Mondays.

Anchorage DMV Office Open for Business on Mondays
As most people in Anchorage already know, the DMV office is on 517 West 7th Avenue. To access this DMV location, visitors proceed to the Linny Pacillo parking garage on the bottom floor. This particular office is open from 10AM until 6PM on a daily basis, allowing Alaskans to stay on top of all their motor vehicle issues as needed. Monday availability makes this DMV location much more accessible to those who are trying to carve time out of their schedules and take care of their vehicular needs.