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Digital License Plates Recently Became Available for Certain Commercial Fleet Drivers in Texas

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Some commercial fleet drivers can now enjoy the convenience of having a digital license plate in Texas. These plates became available on June 1, 2022, and many people have opted for digital plates over metal ones for various reasons.

It Protects Them Against Theft
There isn't much worse than going to your car in the morning only to find that someone has stolen your license plate. Digital plates completely eliminate this.

Renewals Are Now Easier
A lot of commercial fleet drivers end up driving all over the country. Because of this, they might not have much time to visit their local DMV to renew their license plate. Unfortunately, this would often mean that their license plate would expire, and they’d be at risk of getting fined. Digital license plates allow them to complete their annual renewal without visiting their local DMV.

For those Texas commercial fleet drivers interested in a digital license plate, their vehicle must currently be registered. In addition to their regular registration fees, they will also need to pay a $95 administrative fee each year. However, many drivers don’t mind the extra fee because they feel it is worth it to have the convenience of renewing their license plate without a lot of hassle.