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The City of Avalon Considers New Vehicle Registration Requirement

The City of Avalon is considering a new vehicle registration requirement for residents and visitors of the island. The new ordinance, scheduled to be discussed at the December 14th City Council meeting, would require all vehicles entering and exiting the island to be registered with the City of Avalon. The registration fee would vary depending on the type of vehicle, and all registered vehicles would need to display a special sticker or decal to gain access.

The proposed ordinance is intended to help the City of Avalon keep track of the number of vehicles entering and exiting the island and provide better enforcement of traffic regulations. It would also raise revenue for the City since the registration fees would be used to cover the costs of enforcement and other services.

Many residents and visitors to the island have voiced their support of the proposed ordinance, saying it would help improve safety and traffic flow. Others have raised concerns about the ordinance's potential to burden those who visit the island regularly, such as residents, business owners, and frequent visitors.

The City Council is set to discuss the proposed ordinance at their meeting on December 14th. The Council is expected to decide following public comment before voting on the law. Those who wish to provide input on the matter can attend the meeting or submit written comments to the City of Avalon. No matter the outcome, it is clear that the City of Avalon is taking steps to ensure the safety and well-being of the island's residents and visitors.

Vehicle Registration

Submitted by Robert James on Wed, 11/30/2022 - 10:41