Amazon Powering New Call Center Technology at Colorado DMV

Officials with the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles say they are excited to implement call-back technology. The program implemented on February 28 allows those needing to speak to an agent to receive a call back when the waiting queue is full.

Implementation at Colorado Drive Control Call Center
During the first week, 484 customers opted to receive a call-back. An official with the Drive Control Call Center says that most callers were pleasantly surprised when they quickly received a call-back from the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles. Approximately 745 people received a call-back during the program’s second week of operation from the two dedicated customer service agents who operate the system daily.

System Powered by Amazon
Amazon Connect powers the system. This system allows call center employees to work remotely long-term. It is not the first time that the state has worked with Amazon Connect. This program is a suite of services that allow managers to have direct control over queues so that customers can quickly and seamlessly be moved from one line to another.

Other Colorado DMV Programs Already Using Amazon Connect
The Driver License Section piloted the program starting on May 13, 2020. All other departments in the Department of Motor Vehicles began using the system on December 7, 2021.

Other Improvements
Officials with the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles say that it is just one of the steps they are implementing to make their department friendlier to those who need to conduct business with the state. They have also installed informational kiosks and improved their website. Soon, the department hopes to have a ChatBot available, which Amazon will power.

Colorado state officials are very pleased with the performance of Amazon Connect. It is just one of the changes state officials are implementing to make the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles more user-friendly.

by admin on April 26, 2022