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First Time Vehicle Registration in Alabama

Title and Register a Vehicle in Alabama

When you move to Alabama from another state, you’ll have 30 days to register your vehicle in Alabama. If you purchase a vehicle in Alabama, you’ll have 20 days from the purchase date to register.

In order to register most vehicles in Alabama, you’ll have to apply for a certificate of title. You can apply for a title at a(n):

  • Local county license plate issuing office.
  • Motor vehicle dealership.
  • Alabama bank or credit union.

To title your vehicle, visit one of the institutions above and provide:

  • The current certificate of title or the manufacturer’s certificate of origin (signed by the seller and lienholder if applicable). If you do NOT have the certificate of title because the vehicle has a lien on it, contact the location where you intend to process your transaction beforehand to see what documents you may need to bring.
  • Any documents that support the transfer of the vehicle to your name (such as a bill of sale).
  • Payment for the title fee. 

Vehicle registration in Alabama is done at your local county license plate issuing office. Visit your local office and provide your: 

  • Vehicle title.
  • Proof of insurance. The agent will attempt to verify your liability insurance through the State of Alabama Online Insurance Verification System (OIVS). However, if they are unable to verify your insurance you’ll need to show your insurance card.
  • Payment for the vehicle registration.

Alabama Vehicle Registration Fees

  • Title application fee: $15 + $1.50 processing fee.
  • License plate transfer fee: $1.25
  • Registration fee for vehicles 8,000 pounds and under*: $65 to $73.

NOTE: Certain counties may impose additional fees.

*Find a registration fee schedule for all vehicles on the Alabama Department of Revenue (DOR) website.