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Renew Nebraska Vehicle Registration

Nebraska Vehicle Registration Renewal

The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires drivers to keep a valid registration for their vehicles. You can renew:

  • Online.
  • By mail.
  • In person.

Renew NE Car Registration Online

The easiest way to renew a Nevada vehicle registration is by using the DMV online portal. You can renew online as long as you(r):

  • Do NOT have to change your address.
  • Vehicle has NOT been expired a year or longer.
  • Vehicle does NOT have a registered weight of over 27 tons.

NOTE: If you renew during the last week of the month your registration is due, you may not receive your new registration document and sticker before expiration.

Visit the online portal and:

  1. Choose the county you live in.
  2. Provide your registration number.
  3. Submit your renewal request.

Your new registration and decal will be mailed to your address.

Nebraska Registration Renewal by Mail or in Person

To renew a Nebraska registration by mail or in person, simply:

  • Complete the form provided with your renewal notice.
  • Provide a document proving financial responsibility (insurance). This must be an original document (not a photocopy).
  • Provide payment for the applicable fees.
  • Visit your local county treasurer’s office OR mail your items to the address listed on your renewal notice.

Nebraska Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees

Certain counties may implement their own fees.

  • Motor Vehicle Tax (due annually until the vehicle is 14 years old): Based on the vehicle value and age*.
  • Motor Vehicle Fee: Based on the value, weight, and type, and age of the vehicle*.
  • Registration fee: $15.
  • County general fund: $1.50.
  • State recreation road fund: $1.50.
  • Department of motor vehicles cash fund: $2.

*See the complete fee schedule.