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Maryland Transportation Department Announces Special Veteran's Day Plans

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The Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration (MDOT MVA) has unique plans for Veteran's Day, observed nationally every year on Nov. 11.

MDOT MVA administrator Crissy Nizzer said the agency would close its offices on the 11th to celebrate the day. All VEIP stations will also be closed.

Additionally, MDPT MVO will issue a special commemorative “banner pen” bearing a patriotic flag display along with information about the department's services to military folks.

The pen will be given to active duty and retired service members throughout the week leading up to Veteran’s Day. The pen will be available “as long as supplies last,” a spokesperson said.

Nizzer said the gift is just a small way that her department has chosen to show how much they appreciate the men and women who sacrifice to serve our nation while also informing past and present military personnel about the programs available through MDOT MVA.

Nizzer said MDOT MVA would also participate in Operation Green Light. The latter is a new program highlighting veterans' services and benefits. It seeks to raise awareness about the multitude of resources veterans can tap into to help themselves and their families in various ways.

As part of Operation Green Light, MDOT MVA will light up its Glen Burnie campus grounds during the week’s observance of Veteran’s Day. Furthermore, MDOT MVA will launch “Landing Zone, Maryland.” This is a “digital welcoming guide” for veterans planning to retire or move to Maryland in the near future.