Indiana BMV Opens North Indy Branch in Indianapolis

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles is set to open its new location in Northern Indianapolis. The North Indy branch opening will coincide with changes being made to two BMV locations. The indy North location will open its doors for business on Tuesday, May 8.

The new BMV branch is located at 2670 Lake Circle Drive, Indianapolis. The Bureau of Motor vehicles plans to increase the number of transactions completed each day. The new branch location will include 25 customer service stations and four BMV Connect Stations. The inclusion of the Connect Stations will allow customers to complete a dozen tasks using a self-service kiosk. 20 testing stations will speed up the process of completing knowledge tests in northern Indianapolis.

The self-service kiosks will speed up the process of completing simple tasks by allowing 24-hour access to the Indiana BMV. Allowing customers access to basic BMV services seven days a week, 24 hours a day should limit waiting times. The new location has been equipped with seating for 100 customers and a spacious parking lot.

Two Indiana BMV locations in Indianapolis will close to push drivers to the new location. The Indiana BMV has announced the closure of the North Meridian Branch. The North Meridian branch's last day of operation will be Saturday, May 5. The Indiana BMV branch at Michigan Road will be merged into the new location at Lake Circle Drive.

by admin on May 03, 2022